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    Seaweed Salad Shrimp Dumpling
    5. Classic Tuna SandwichSeaweed SaladShrimp Dumpling
    Shumai Veggie Dumpling
    ShumaiVeggie Dumpling3.Grilled Chicken Parmigian Burrito
    Amish Organic Peanut Butter 10oz Assorted Jelly Slices Container 8oz Assorted Licorice Container 8oz
    Amish Organic Peanut Butter 10ozAssorted Jelly Slices Container 8ozAssorted Licorice Container 8oz
    Assorted Swedish Fish Container 9oz Candy Corn Container 11oz Candy Ginger Cuts Container 8oz
    Assorted Swedish Fish Container 9ozCandy Corn Container 11ozCandy Ginger Cuts Container 8oz
    Haribo Black Licorice Wheels Container 8oz Haribo Strawberry Licorice Wheels Container 8oz Nutural Blueberries Container 5oz
    Haribo Black Licorice Wheels Container 8ozHaribo Strawberry Licorice Wheels Container 8ozNutural Blueberries Container 5oz
    Nutural Pitted Dates Container 7oz Nutural Turkish Figs Container 7.5oz Sour Patch Kids Container 9oz
    Nutural Pitted Dates Container 7ozNutural Turkish Figs Container 7.5ozSour Patch Kids Container 9oz
    Sugar Free Assorted Fish Container 8oz Sugar Free Gummy Bears Container 8oz
    Sugar Free Assorted Fish Container 8ozSugar Free Gummy Bears Container 8ozHealthy Mix 8.5oz
    Low Sugar Dried Guava Container 8oz Natural Cashew Pillow Bag 12oz
    Low Sugar Dried Guava Container 8ozNatural Cashew Pillow Bag 12ozNatural Goji Berry Blend 7oz
    Natural Raw Cashew Container 6oz
    Natural Heart Healty Mix Pillow Bag12ozNatural Honey Nut Mix 7ozNatural Raw Cashew Container 6oz
    Natural Sweetened Banana Chips Pillow Bag 9oz
    Natural Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts Pillow Bag 14ozNatural Sweetened Banana Chips Pillow Bag 9ozOriental Party Mix 5.5oz
    Raisin & Nut Mix 10ozRaisin & Nut Mix Pillow Bag 16ozRice Cracker Mix 4.5oz
    Rice Cracker Mix Pillow Bag 7oz1.Grilled Chicken Burrito5.Grilled Chicken with Spinach & Feta Burrito
    7.Hot & Spicy Chicken BurritoArgentinian Baked Empanadas21. Bianca Sopressata Picante Pizza
    Amish Cream Cheese 7oz Amish Tofu Spread 7oz
    22. Spanish Ole Ole PizzaAmish Cream Cheese 7ozAmish Tofu Spread 7oz
    Natural Cashew Container 6oz
    Natural Cashew Container 6ozOriental Party MixStonewall Kitchen 12oz
    Stonewall Kitchen 12oz
    Stonewall Kitchen 12oz7. Fresh Roast Beef Sandwich22. American Combo
    31. Amish BBQ 2. Amish Roasted Turkey Sandwich1. Amish Smoked Turkey Sandwich
    Amish Water
    Amish Water17. ArrabiattaArugula Salad With Fresh & Dried Fruits
    16. BBQ Chicken Pizza 19. Bianca Spinaca 13. Black Forest Sandwich
    Bolthouse Farms Juice Bottled Soda 20oz
    Bolthouse Farms JuiceBottled Soda 20ozBoylan Soda
    Canned Soda19. Cape Cod Sandwich5. Capricciosa Pizza
    4. Carciofi Pizza12. Classic Sandwich25. Cordon Bleu
    Crystalized Ginger Dates Medjool
    Crystalized GingerDates Medjool9. Deluxe Chicken Sandwich
    6. Di Parma SandwichDried Apple RingsDried Banana Chips
    Evian Water Fresh Orange Juice 16oz
    Evian Water28. Florence Cotto ClubFresh Orange Juice 16oz
    Greek Salad
    11. Fresh Turkey Sandwich2. Funghi PizzaGreek Salad
    House Salad
    3. Honey Delight Sandwich16. Hot Reuben SandwichHouse Salad
    4. Italian Combo Sandwich14. Italian Sandwich18. Le Pizze Tono
    Martinelli Apple Juice 10oz12. Meatball Pizza 26. Moms' Grilled Cheese
    18. Murray Hill Sandwich8. Nova Sandwich30. Omega
    3. Ortolano PizzaParisienne Sandwich20. Parisienne Sandwich
    6. Parmigiana Pizza 14. Pepperoni Pizza15. Pesto Pizza
    20. Pollo A la Griglia (Grilled Chicken)11. Prosciutto Pizza 7. Quattro Formaggi Pizza
    21. Roma Sandwich10. Rotisserie Sandwich13. Scarmorza Pizza
    17. Spaniard Sandwich24. The Amish Exclusive23. The Modina
    15. Turkey Burger9. Pastrami Pizza 29. Vegan
    Vitamin Water
    27. Veggie Burger Deluxe8. Vesuvio Pizza Vitamin Water
    Yerba Matte Buckwheat Soba (Large)
    10. Whole Wheat Pizza Yerba MatteBuckwheat Soba (Large)
    California Roll
    California RollCalifornia Roll With Brown RiceCalifornia Roll with Caviar
    Chickpea Masala (Small)
    Chickpea Masala (Small)Create Your Own Salad Cucumber Avocado Roll
    Cucumber Avocado Roll With Brown RiceCurry Tofu (Small)Eel Roll
    Eel Roll With Brown Rice
    Eel Roll With Brown RiceFresh Fruit BowlGranny Smith Apple
    Mix Sushi Roll
    Inari Spicy Tuna Roll1. Margherita PizzaMix Sushi Roll
    Navel Orange Nigiri Roll 6 Pcs Pad Thai (Large)
    Navel OrangeNigiri Roll 6 PcsPad Thai (Large)
    PearsPearsPeking Duck with Shitake Mushroom (Small)
    Rainbow Saigon Soba (Large)
    RainbowSaigon Soba (Large)Salmon Roll With Brown Rice
    Sesame Noodles (Large) Shangai Dumpling (Large)
    Seaweed Salad (Small)Sesame Noodles (Large)Shangai Dumpling (Large)
    Spicy California RollSpicy California Roll With Brown RiceSpicy Shrimp Avocado Roll
    Spicy Shrimp Avocado Roll With Brown RiceSpicy Tuna & Salmon RollSpicy Tuna & Salmon Roll W/Brown Rice
    Spinash Noodles (Large)
    Spicy Tuna RollSpicy Tuna Roll With Brown RiceSpinash Noodles (Large)
    Sprouted Brown Rice with Sprouted Lentil Pilaf (Large) Sundried Tomato Baked Tofu Dumpling (Large) Sundried Tomato Chicken Salad (Small)
    Sprouted Brown Rice with Sprouted Lentil Pilaf (Large)Sundried Tomato Baked Tofu Dumpling (Large)Sundried Tomato Chicken Salad (Small)
    Tokio Buckwheat Soba (Large)
    Tokio Buckwheat Soba (Large)Tuna & Salmon Roll With Brown RiceTuna Roll
    Two Fresh Bananas Two fresh Kiwis
    Tuna Roll with Brown RiceTwo Fresh BananasTwo fresh Kiwis
    Vegan Chicken Salad (Small)Vegan turkey Salad (Small)Vegetable Roll With Brown Rice
    Whole Grain Pad Thai (Large)
    Vegetarian RollVeggie Turkey (Small)Whole Grain Pad Thai (Large)
    Yuba Pocket (Small)